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2017 East Aurora High Sports Hall of Fame
Includes Inductees: Jack Hollis, Craig “Cubby” Lathen, Sheila Oliver
Jim Orstead and Tom Strong Interviews, Induction Ceremony and Bio’s

Welcome to Kaus Film/Video Productions.

While we really don’t use film anymore, it appears to be the current buzz word
for what I do. so exactly what do I do? Well there really isn’t a short answer
for that since there are so many aspects of Video/Film. I’m many roles wrapped
into one, here at Kaus Video we are or can be (depending on your needs) Producer,
Writer, Director, Camera Man, Grip, Special Effects, Editor and many more
roles as needed.

We can take even the smallest idea and turn it into a masterpiece! So for your
next project regardless of size give us a call or fill out our contact form and
set up a consultation today!

I still prefer to meet clients in person whenever possible. However, since I’m
available anywhere in the World and specialize in location filming, the majority
of project planning is done over the internet, conference calls etc…

I look forward to working with you and your company in the near future to make
your ideas, visions and dreams become a reality.

We Also offer Highlight Films to feature your student (Sports and/or Academic) to
help secure a scholarship to the college of their choice.